Apr 15

Everyone makes plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but what about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Here at Putting Edge, we’re all about taking a break from reality. You can do just that any day of the week. To make it even better, if you visit our Facebook Page, you can view and print April’s Weekday Special!

Click Here to print your Two for $14 Weekday Special coupon, valid Monday to Thursday all April long. It’s a Facebook Exclusive offer you can’t pass up.

Like Us on Facebook to receive your Two For $14 April Weekday Facebook Exclusive Coupon

Apr 10

Vimy Ridge Day is an annual observance on April 9 to remember Canadians who fought in the battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France during World War I.

As a THANK-YOU to our Canadian Armed Forces’ Members and Veterans, we are offering FREE admission from April 9th to April 12th, 2014 in honour of Vimy Ridge Day and to all those who have served and are currently serving.

Thank you from all of us at Putting Edge!

FREE Admission to our Canadian Armed Forces’ Members and Veterans in Honour of Vimy Ridge Day!

Apr 1

5 April Fools Prank Ideas

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April Fools is quickly approaching, and we know you need some pretty good pranking ideas. Putting Edge has come up with five great pranks for you to try at home, work, or school.

5 April Fools Prank Ideas:

1) Twist an Oreo cookie and replace the cream filling with white toothpaste. Put the Oreo cookie back together and offer your newly created toothpaste Oreo cookie to a friend.

2) Change your voicemail message to “Hey, how’s it going? …Are you there? I can’t hear you! … April Fools!” Then let the beep sink in.

3) Fill a soap dispenser with pancake syrup.

4) On Facebook, change your birthday to April 1. When your friends wish you a “Happy Birthday,” switch your status to “April Fools!”

5) Post a sign on the office or school copy machine that says, “This copier is now voice-activated.”

Mar 28

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement uniting people to protect the planet. Organized by WWF, this year’s Earth Hour is on Saturday, March 29 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Earth Hour started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to more than 7000 cities worldwide. Putting Edge has some great ideas on how you and your family can help support Earth Hour. Visit your local Putting Edge where the lights are always off.

5 ways you can support and enjoy Earth Hour:

1) Bring your friends and family to Putting Edge! Join us and celebrate Earth Hour in the dark, like we’ve done since we opened.

2) Family game night! Try playing a board game by candle light. Whip out Monopoly, Janga, Operation, Sorry, Perfection, or a deck of cards. Have Fun!

3) Go out for a walk! Getting some good ol’ fresh air is great way to get some exercise, take your eyes off your computer or TV screen. You’ll also have a great opportunity to look up and observe the billions of stars in the sky. Don’t forget to bundle up and keep warm!

4) Go camping! Get out your camping gear, set up a tent and tell ghostly stories. You can also pre-make s’mores, hot chocolate, pop-corn and have a fantastic time in your own backyard, living room or basement.

5) Read story books you haven’t touched in a while. Let Winnie The Pooh take you on an adventure with Tiger and Christopher Robin. Read about how Ariel met Prince Eric, or how Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider took care of each other.

For more information on Earth Hour and how you can participate, visit Earth Hour’s website. You’ll be amazed with how many people worldwide unite to protect the planet.

Mar 18

Birthday Fun

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Start your birthday party planning the right way, with Putting Edge! Start your party glow by playing in our arcade, and exploring the ocean depths, lush rainforests, Medieval times, and Aztec jungles as you discover our adventurous, safe, and fun-filled glow-in-the-dark mini golf course. Every birthday is accompanied by a fun, dedicated Putting Edge Entertainment Coordinator who will take care of all your Birthday Party needs.

Unsure of how to get the party ball rolling? Click Here to visit our Birthday Party page and select your location to get started. View our Party Package options and even book online or call us for more information.

Get started today, and let’s celebrate that big day together!

Putting Edge Birthday Parties from Daniel Cavrra on Vimeo.

Bring the cake and the kids, we’ll take care of the rest!

Mar 4

Spring Break!

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Spring Break is coming! What are you going to keep your kids busy? Barbara, mother of two, thought about the same question. Do you know what she did? Barbara visited our “Locations” webpage, selected “Whitby, Ontario,” her local Putting Edge, and saw their Spring Break hours. We’ve updated and posted our holiday hours on our website to suit your kid’s break! Like Barbara, visit our “Locations” webpage and click your favorite Putting Edge location to see when your local Putting Edge opens to get your glow on.

P.S. Don’t forget to ask us about your 30 Day All You Can Play Pass!!

Our March/Spring Break Hours Are In Full Swing! Reserve Your Tee-Time Today!

Mar 1

Jump into spring with fresh savings. We want to make March the month of play at the Putting Edge, so we are offering 30 days of unlimited play.  Simply add $5 or $3 to your admission and play all day, any day for 30 days at one low price.

Laura, a Putting Edge mom, can now save on her spring break activities. Her kids can now play glow-in-the-dark mini golf as much as they want for up to 30 days, for less than $12. By upgrading, Laura also receives over $20 in savings coupons she can use right away. It’s the perfect way to get the families glow on, and yours during Spring Break!

Visit us in store to purchase your 30 Day All You Can Play Pass!

Feb 3

The Perfect Twosome

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Love is in the air this time of year, and we know you want to show that special someone how much you care. There are a lot of options out there, but the perfect option is right here, The Perfect Twosome. When you visit us, you can talk to your partner as much as you want. You can show each other mini golf tricks. You can be competitive or just play for fun. The choice is yours, as long as you spend quality “glowing” time together.

Don’t have that special someone? Don’t worry, we accept any Perfect Twosome’s! Bring your best friend, or someone you’d like to get to know. Compete against your brother or sister, or even your mom or dad. You can even show your co-worker how good (or bad) you are at glow-in-the-dark mini golf. It’s all up to you on who you’d like to bring as your Perfect Twosome.

With The Perfect Twosome, you and your partner (or competitor) will receive one round of glow-in-the-dark mini golf each, two soft drinks (or bottles of water) and two glow bracelets (to match the glow you have for each other), all for only $14. Click Here to visit our Facebook Page and print your Perfect Twosome coupon! The Perfect Twosome… because two is better than one!

The Perfect Twosome… because two is better than one!

Jan 24

#FreePassFriday Returns

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We’re excited to announce the return of #FreePassFriday, our Twitter Exclusive way to win FREE passes to Putting Edge on Friday’s! Want to know how you can win  a pair? First off, make sure you follow us at @PuttingEdge. Friday morning’s we’ll post a tweet informing you what time we’ll post the #FreePassFriday trivia question. Get ready, because as soon as we post the #FreePassFriday trivia question, you have to be one of the first five people to reply with the correct answer and include the hashtag #FreePassFriday in your tweet to win two free #FreePassFriday passes to Putting Edge.

If you miss #FreePassFriday, don’t worry, there’s a new question at a different time almost every Friday*

For full #FreePassFriday rules and regulations, please click here. Good luck and we’ll tweet with you soon!

Follow us on Twitter to win two FREE #FreePassFriday passes to Putting Edge!

*Day subject to change/cancel without notice.

Jan 1

What are you doing today? Driving the kids to school? Going to work? Doing some shopping? Think about this, when was the last time you spent some actual hardcore family fun? Not just regular family fun, but where everyone is happy, you’re all laughing and taking photographic memories. Putting Edge is perfect for any occasion, especially family outings. For a limited time only, visit our Facebook Page to view and print our new monthly Weekday Special, four can play for $29.99.

Click Here to print your very own Four Can Play for $29.99 Weekday Special coupon, valid Monday to Thursday. Bring your family, friends, family and friends, or even a double date night. Whoever you come with, you’re sure to have a glowin’ time. Remember, it’s an exclusive offer so don’t pass it up, print yours today!

Four Can Play for $29.99 Weekday Facebook Exclusive!

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